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I keep this picture open in a spare browser window and look at it 2 or 3 times a day. That's not weird, is it?


I don't think that's weird.

Not at all.

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Just a few snapshots from this past Sunday at Boston Comic Con:Collapse )

Great costumes this year, and congrats to the winners!
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This weekend, although exhausting, was AWESOME. Liz and I busted ass last Wednesday night and got the three general Kyoshi Warrior outfits completed, with just a little bit of finish work needed on the headdress for my costume. Liz was handling the bulk of the headdress work, since I already had my hands more than full with making all the other costumes. I did have help from Jen and Viv, Jen's husband Adam, and Liz's Mom on some of the hand-sewing for tacking the bias tape edging of the armor in place, but based on some rough calculations, I spent probably well over 300-350 hours making these costumes; about 160 of those hours were in the past 3 weeks alone. But oh was it so worth it!

I'm definitely going to be scheduling a nice photoshoot for this one; unfortunately, on the Saturday, the day we wore these at Anime Boston, it was very rainy, so there was no option to shoot outside. It took us about 2-3 hours to get the makeup on, get dressed, get our stuff together, and drive to the con (traffic sucked); we got there about 2:45 and were immediately mobbed for photos. Seriously, in the 3 or 3.5 hours between then and when we changed back into street clothes at about 6:30, we must have had over a thousand photos taken of us. We would walk 10 feet, and then be stopped for 10 minutes while a horde of people surrounded us to take pictures - Benn even took a few photos from the side that showed our group and the circle of onlookers, and it was like that ALL. THE. TIME. To sum up: We were rock stars. Awesome!

I've got some other photos from Benn on the way, but in the meantime, here's a sneak peak at our group, thanks to Adam and also a nice photographer from PixelatedImages.com.


I am Suki, the leader of the Kyoshi Warriors.

Suki and the Squad. Jen (kneeling on the right) gave us a quick primer in the parking garage on how to hold the fans and pose with them so we can at least fake like we know what we're doing. She did war fan kata when she did karate. Yeah, I couldn't resist doing Crane Stance :-P

Liz and I.

I was tired by the time Viv and I posed for this; I was surprised by how well I could still keep my balance.

Another group shot!

Suki, fannin' gangsta style. Not originally what I was going for, but someone made the comment, and I found it hilarious.

Thursday night, I spent some hours helping to set up the New England Comics booth, as I usually do, and crashed at Liz's that night after we (or more really, she) finished up the headdress. Friday I wore Princess Eries Aston from Vision of Escaflowne (I shall note here that, to the best of my knowledge and from the results of a quick image search on Google, I am the only person in the entire world who has cosplayed her), which enabled me to be in costume but not be mobbed for photos, so I could go to Greg Ayres' panel, Tom Wayland's panel, and a panel on how erhu and shamisen (traditional Chinese and Japanese instruments) are constructed. Although I know my Eries costume is one of my best ones, it doesn't get me a lot of attention since Escaflowne is, now, a 15- or 16-year old anime, meaning that much of the current crop of teenage anime fans weren't even alive when it first aired. On top of that, this character appears in about 4 episodes total, and thus has a very minor, although important, supporting role. I always do go for the obscure ones! We kept Friday a short evening; Benn, Liz, and I headed back to Quincy in the evening for some sushi takeout, and I headed home.

Saturday, after debuting our costumes, we all headed out as a big group for dinner, and then came back in for our usual attending of Tom's "Dick and Buster's Hentai Dubbing Extravaganza" annual show. We met up with him briefly after the show was done, went out for a beer, then parted and wandered off home our separate ways. I was very late getting to the con on Sunday, so opted not to wear any costume. There was only an hour before the dealer's hall closed, so I did a few quick tours to make sure I had everything I wanted, and then came back to the NEC booth to start help packing up. Much like set-up, we got things taken down and packed away in record time, and I headed back to Quincy to hang out at their place with them, James, Crystal, and Ryan for the evening. I was so exhausted on Monday that I took the day off from work, and ended up back in Quincy, reading manga, napping on the couch, snacking on bread and brie, playing "Beautiful Katamari," and watching "O Brother, Where Art Thou?"

I have just enough time to recover this week before Boston Comic Con hits this Saturday. I'll be out of town that day, but I'll be there Sunday! The big dilemma I'm facing: Do I wear the new Kyoshi Warrior Suki costume to Boston Comic Con on Sunday? I've been thinking I'll wear Zatanna, as that is a more US-comics-oriented costume, but I can't deny the impressive-ness of Suki. Grawr, decisions, decisions...

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Today (Sunday), my boyfriend and I went out to try our new metal detector. We had middling success in terms of finding anything to dig up - we were actually getting too many hits as opposed to too few - but as I was driving us to the next place I thought might be a good candidate, a town park, I passed a rarely-taken road.

"Actually," I said, "I pass this road all the time, and I've never been up it. I've heard there's like an old abandoned hospital or something up here." My boyfriend was enthusiastic to check it out, so we drove up the tidy but lonely road, flanked on one side by a bike path. As we came around a corner, this came into view.

It's the last building standing of the Metropolitan State Hospital, the Dr. William F. McLaughlin Building. It's creepy to the Nth degree: on the porch, two windows have been torn open, one wide enough that a person could climb in through the window, were they so inclined. We looked through the window and could see the old fluorescent lights still in the cieling and a big metal file cabinet lurking hunched against the far wall. My camera battery was nearly dead, but my boyfriend pulled out his phone to take a few additional photos.

"Argh," he said after a few minutes. "My phone just went dead. Completely dead. It had full battery life a minute ago. Now it won't even turn on. I think my phone might be shot - even when the battery is used up, it will still boot up slightly, but then just shut down again, and I'm not even getting that. I've got nothing at all." I suggested that the camera function might have drained the battery, but he shook his head. "I've only taken 3 pictures, and the battery was fully charged. I took photos and video with this for over 2 hours at the KISS concert, and it didn't drain the battery very much. I think the phone just crapped out - and this was an expensive phone!" He's only had it for about six months or so.

It was getting late, so we hopped back in my car to return to my place, which is only about a mile and a half from this abandoned hospital remnant. Halfway home, a cheery chirruping noise chimed out from my boyfriend's pocket: he pulled out his phone, now fully functional, with nearly full battery life, which had apparently booted back up again of its own accord.

"Ok, now that?" I said, "Is really really eerie."

I've read a rumor that the building is to be torn down to make way for a golf course - ugh.

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No, I'm not describing myself. Perverts.

Another installment of my Lazy Bachelorette School of Cooking series (okay, I guess I'm not technically a bachelorette anymore, sorta, but I like the name): Homemade Hearty Chicken Noodle Soup. And I do mean hearty - this is actually more like a stew than a soup, I think.

1 pound bag baby carrots
8 oz bag celery hearts
1 can mushrooms
1 onion
1 package of Purdue short cuts pre-cooked chicken strips (or similar)
1 32-oz container of chicken broth (I like College Inn low sodium brand)
Trader Joe's 21 Seasoning Salute (or other herb/seasoning mix of choice)
1 small box of pasta


1. Slice up 1/2 of the celery and 1/2 of the onion; mix with 1/2 bag of carrots and 1/2 can of mushrooms. Remaining 1/2 celery (sliced), 1/2 onion (sliced), 1/2 bag baby carrots and 1/2 can mushrooms can be mixed and stored for next batch of soup. Add vegetable mix to crockpot.

2. Cut up 1/2 of chicken strips to bite-sized morsels. Store remaining 1/2 bag for future soup. Add chicken to crockpot with veggies.

3. Pour in entire container of chicken broth. If you have a crockpot that is large enough to cook all the meat and veggies, you'll need to have 2 containers of chicken broth - if you've got a small one, like I do, and are doing the halves as listed in steps 1 and 2, then one is enough, and you can get a second container of chicken stock when you want to do the second set of ingredients.

4. Season liberally. Or to taste. Whatever. Turn the crockpot on - I usually do high at first, for like half an hour or an hour, and then turn it down to low to let it slow cook for a while. It's a crockpot, you can't greatly screw it up, so just turn it on. I let it go until the veggies are just losing their crispness - not soggy, but cooked to have a little softeness in them. It's like, what, 2 hours, I guess?

5. When the veggies are cooked to your liking, cook up about half the box of pasta (I did elbows, cuz they amuse me) in a separate pot on the stove. After draining the pasta, you can either add it directly to the soup (if there's actually room in the crockpot - there isn't, in mine), or you can dump some noodles into your bowl and put the rest of the soup on top. Eventually, there will be enough room in the crockpot that you can dump the noodles directly in and mix them into the soup.


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That's the question I've been getting (many times) over the past 2 months, and even more frequently in the past 2 weeks, and then even MORE frequently in the past 2 days. And I finally have photos!

The character: Hermes, Junpei Iori's summoned creature in the video game 'Persona 3' (or 'Persona 3 FES') from the Shin Megami Tensei series of games.

For those of you who have played the game and are familiar with the character, yeah, I can hear your brains breaking right about now. For those of you that haven't and aren't, here's what the character looks like:

Yes, I'm aware I'm nuts. I've been informed of this fact on many separate occasions since beginning work on this costume. BUT I DID IT. AND I WON.

I'm not putting any of this behind a cut. DEAL, PPL.

From American Cosplay Paradise (acparadise.com).

Pic by random con-goer.

Official Photobooth Shoot Pix:

Back view!

(Leave it to me to use the ENTIRE backdrop!)

Side view & Wing detail::

Face detail:

HAHAHAH OMG YAY WHEEEEE. I'm so glad I finished this and it paid off - totally worth all the time and effort and money and freaking out that I wasn't going to finish it on time! :)

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Warning: If you are squeamish about blood, don't read this entry.

J"accuse!! Clue CSI: Cosplay investigates a crime scene!Collapse )

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I have never seen the Boston Marathon, one of the major highlights of the sporting calendar for Boston and for track & field runnery types, so this year I elected to take the day off from work and check it out (plus I needed a day away from my frakking cell line, argh). I dug my bike out of storage this morning, inflated the tires, made sure the brakes worked (yes), and, as usual, didn't bother doing any additional tuneups or maintenance on it (I never do). I did, however, hook up my new bike computer and put on my nice new helmet - my old one was about 15 years old and has probably had a crash or two on it. Apparently bike helmets should be replaced every 3-5 years. Who knew? (Not me, obviously).

I planned my route, down Newton St to High St, over to Waltham St into Newton Center, then Chestnut St to where the marathon would be passing by on Rte 30/Commonwealth Ave. I've never been down Chestnut St before. I noticed two things about immediately. First, you have to be a millionaire to live on it, if the enormous swanky houses with landscaped yards, huge trees, and wrought-iron fences are any indication, and second, a significant portion of it consists of a GIANT MASSIVE FRAKKIN HILL. I made it a bit more than halfway up before I said, "This is poop!" and walked the rest of the way.

I coasted down the other side to the Marathon, at milage marker 18.3 (next to a station of portopotties and where race volunteers were handing out packets of vaseline for runners to put under their arms, their chests, their legs, their crotches, and other areas of chafing!), just as some of the Kenyan front-runners were passing at about 11:30. I hung out there for more than an hour as the main pack (like the first 9000 people or so, who are running because they actually have qualifying competitive times) and the beginning of the second wave came through (the remaining 9,000ish folks). I then got on my bike and continued up the carriage road fronting Comm Ave, going the direction the runners were coming from, until I hit the intersection in West Newton where the runners turn off of Rte 16 and onto Rte 30. I was amazed at how many more people still were coming. It was crazy!! These folks were passing this point - about 17.5 miles, with 8.7 miles to go - at the same time some of the first wave was probably crossing the finish line (1:00). The Kenyans surely had to be done by this point, too. I was hoping to see my coworker Chris in the pack, but trying to pick out one face and one runner's number out of a pack of 15,000 when they're all flashing by isn't particularly easy. His was number 5670, and although I spotted 5669, 5674, 5677, and 5679, I didn't see him or his number go by.

Pix!Collapse )
At mile 18.3, these people are still running 7 or 8-minute miles. They are not slow, at all. This shows how fast they're still churnin' up the pavement. This is also how short a time I had to try to pick one face and one number out of the crowd - no wonder I couldn't find my coworker!!

I biked back along rte 30, away from the parade route, to Auburndale, back up to Moody Street and Waltham, and back home again, for about a 11-12 mile round trip (I didn't have my bike computer on for the first half of my trip - I didn't stop to put it on until I was race-side, so I don't have an exact figure).

Also a good reason for stopping: my hands were hurting, both from gripping the handlebars, but also from the fact that I did a total splat down Joe's stairs at his party Saturday night and had to pick some gravel out of my palms (I'm sooooo debonair, sophisticated, and urbane!!). Also, while digging in my toolbag Saturday morning, I put a pretty nasty cut in my right index finger. I bled through 2 bandaids in 15 minutes. HAHAHA, ....yeah.... *is sheepish* (baaaah!)

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Mario Scene Creator!


Make your own original Mario world scene! YAY!

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Because I am a GIANT NERD, I spent far too much of my time over the past few days discussing various hypotheses about Battlestar Galactica with dizzykungfu. I'm going to be even more of a GIANT NERD and distill some of those thoughts here: I'd like to see how much of my messed-up mental meanderings might end up accurate (with the caveat that I am only 3 episodes into Season 4, so there's still some more to go before I'm fully caught up).

Also, this is really really really long (you were warned, again!). It's taken me 3 days to type this up and do the research, cursory as it is.

bobbarker and amazonmandy, this post's for you! ;-)

The Current Known CylonsCollapse )

Gimme That Old Time ReligionCollapse )

What"s In a Name?Collapse )

Arguments for the Final CylonCollapse )

dizzykungfu"s Remaining Cylons Hypothesis, in his own wordsCollapse )

If you read all of this frakjob this far, then you win an internets.

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Here's the three videos I surreptitiously took at VGL. Sorry that the beginning of each song (or, in the latter case MOST of the song) is cut off.

Martin Leung playing Super Mario Brothers theme, blindfolded.

Yes. Blindfolded. SWEET.

The encore was a medley from Castlevania, with, (as with every piece in the concert) appropriate footage from all the Castlevania games paired with it. I didn't get much of this on record, because I was busy cheering along with everyone else, because, yeah, hey, it's Castlevania.

And here is the Super Mario Brothers medley played by the whole orchestra, with game footage. You can tell when the clips come from the popular incarnations of Mario and his games, because everyone starts cheering :)

An interesting side note - I have this exact same arrangement of this medley as played by the Boston Pops as an mp3. Cute :)
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And now, pix from VGL: Boston! I had a seat in the 4th row center Mezzanine level, so I had a very fine view, but due to the expected lighting conditions, naturally the pictures came out pretty grainy.

First, some pix of the Wang. (Yes, in Boston, you can see shows at both the Wang and the Tweeter [although it's not called that anymore]). The Wang is quite a swanky place, and a few years ago got corporate sponsorship from CitiGroup; considering Citi's epic tanking the past 2 weeks, I wonder if they'll continue to pay to have their name on the place.


And now, Photos of the concert!Collapse )

There will be video in a bit, once it gets uploaded. Unfortunately, the Super Mario medley seems to be too large for Photobucket, so I'll have to figure out where to host it.
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HOLY CRAP YAY VIDEO GAMES LIVE = AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME. My throat is actually a bit hoarse from screaming and cheering so much during the performance.

Set included: classic arcade medley, Space Invaders, Final Fantasy piano medley, God of War, Civilization IV, World of Warcraft, Starcraft, Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Kingdom Hearts, Tetris, Guitar Hero (Aerosmith: Sweet Emotion, with a guy from the audience up on stage to play the song on Expert mode with the orchestra - he won a prize for getting more than 200,000 pts), Halo2, Halo3, Sonic the Hedgehog, Super Mario Brothers, One Winged Angel (Final Fantasy 7), and Castlevania for the encore (oh yes, I came).

Also, there were two very special guests: Ralph H. Baer and William Roush, who built the "Brown Box" that was used to play the first video game table tennis match that later was developed into "Pong." I've actually seen clips of them playing this game, filmed in 1968, on retrospectives on video games on History Discovery channel. They played the entirety of this video, and then had Mr. Baer - now roughly 85 or 86, play table tennis on an old prototype Brown Box - similar or identical to the one now sitting in the Smithsonian - against an 8-year-old boy pulled up from the audience.

I have pictures, and I have some surreptitiously-recorded video, but these will have to wait until tomorrow or Sunday, as I am very tired and half frozen. Ashley and I went for food before the concert, and afterwards, split up at Park Street to catch the T home. Only... the Red Line wasn't running due to a fire up near Harvard Square. All passengers had to get out at Park Street - so, after wasting much time waiting around for cooperative trains only to find there were none, and that they were attempting to get the 300 or so waiting passengers onto buses, I said "F This," and started walking. I had no idea where to find the nearest functional ATM, and I had only a dollar on me, which meant that a taxi wasn't particularly feasible, so I ended up hoofing it. Around the Common from the corner of Park and Tremont, down Beacon, up Charles to the MGH t-stop, then up onto the Longfellow Bridge (where I found the sidewalk closed, so had to walk in the bike lane facing traffic and in dark clothes, which is now most assuredly on my list of the 10 Stupidest Things I've Ever Done), past Kendall Square where I WOULD have gotten off the Red Line, and up the final 3 blocks to where I had left my car. It was 12:15 when I got back to my car, although the concert had ended at 11:00. Booooo.

Gaaaaaaaah, this concert was so so so so so fantastic. I have been waiting for a year and a half for this concert to come to Boston, and it was well worth the wait - I just want it to come back soon! Depending on where the next concerts are, I might try to find another one to go to - I think there's going to be one in Jersey coming up soon...? I'll have to look.


...ok I'm tired. Sleep now.

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As someone who deals fairly regularly with textiles, and as the daughter of someone who has worked a fair amount with textiles, I find that people sometimes ask me for advice on washing and care instructions on clothing. I've had many conversations like the following examples:

Person A: How do I get out X?
Person B: Throw it in the wash.
Me: Oh god, no. Soak it in this.

Person A: Crap, I got Y on my shirt.
Me: Scrub it in this temperature water. Don't use that, because it will set the stain.

Person A: What do I do about Z?
Person B: Ask Meredith. She's got all these crazy rules for how to get out everything.

So here, I'll share my tactics and techniques. I did a little poking around online and I found out why these tricks work, and how they can be applied to other stains.

Caveat: Temperature is one of the biggest factors in determining whether or not a stain will come out. As far as I know, all washable fabric is safe to be washed in cold water. This is not true of hot water. Cotton that has not been pre-shrunk and wool that is not marked as washable will shrink if washed in hot water! That being said, it is possible to use hot water to spot-wash small stains on wool or unshrunken cotton items, as long as you are careful. It is a good idea to limit the amount of agitation or scrubbing used to clean items, as it will weaken fibers and may change the finish or texture of the fabric, and this is especially true for items that are prone to shrinking. Just be careful.

Caveat #2: I've never tried using acetone or nail polish remover to get stains out, so I don't include it in my list here - but I know some people do this. DO NOT USE THIS ON SYNTHETIC FABRICS. If you dump acetone on many polyesters, rayons, acetates, and similar fabrics that are made from, essentially, plastic, you'll dissolve them.

1. Protein Stains: Blood, urine, vomit, and other fun bodily fluids (human or otherwise!):Collapse )

2. Tannin Stains: Red wine, coffee, orange juice, and other things to drink:Collapse )

3. Dye Stains: Berries!Collapse )

4. Oil Stains: Butter, fat, grease, lotion, and other squishy things:Collapse )

5. Wax, makeup, and polish:Collapse )

6. Dyes other than berries: grass, mustard, Kool-Aid, dye transfer from other garments, ink, and tempera paints:Collapse )

7. Rust: Pretty much, you"re screwed:Collapse )

8. I have no clue what it is...Collapse )

Ta-da! Stain removal, according to Syagria. Hope someone finds it helpful.

Also, I has a new icon :) I made it last night.

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I am very pleased with the outcome of the election. Obama is poised to be President, and we voted down the imbicilic decrease in income tax for Massachusetts by a landslide, which were the two issues I particularly cared about. For the second year in a row, I timed my visit to the polls perfectly: right after work, 4:10 PM, only 2 people in line ahead of me which shot up to 10 people in line as I was turning in my ballot. Yay :)

I started draping fabric for my evening gown last night, and it becomes increasingly apparent that I'm going to have to modify my design, because fabric - or, at any rate, the fabric I chose - just simply will not drape into a skirt like that in my inexperienced hands. I know someone out there has the expertise to make that exact design (paging Rami Kashou!), but in the meantime, I'm making some changes. It's very similar, but I'm simplifying it. I may resketch tonight and post up my new drawings.

In the meantime, I finally have some photos from the Woburn Halloween Parade from 26 October. This was a fabulous parade, aside from the parade part ahead of us going WAY too fast. We were marching as fast as we could, and still could not keep up. We ended up putting our Jawas (two kids about 6 or 7), our self-propelled R2D2, and Chewbacca (Mark was starting to pass out from the effort and heat) into the back of the pickup to help keep our speed up, but just that short pause to do that caused us to end up nearly 4 blocks behind the rest of the parade - and then the parade organizers would come out in front of us, stop, and ask why we were so far behind. Um... get out of our way so we can try to catch up, plzthx. Anyway, aside from that, we frakking ROCKED.

A Ton of Photos Behind the CutCollapse )

Aside from the issues with the parade speed - most of the parade participants were on floats or truck beds; we were the largest group on foot, and this really underscored the need for a better pace vehicle at the front of the parade - this was AWESOME. There was stress and drama to get there - we had decided on a "A New Hope" theme only to have people increasingly bail in the weeks leading to the parade in favor of Clone Wars, and I ended up swearing I would never agree to doing a theme again - but in spite of all of that (or because of?), we still managed to pull together and send out an amazing show. We had every major character from the original Star Wars movie: Luke, Leia, Han, Chewie, Ben Kenobi, R2D2, C3P0, Vader, and even Greedo, plus supporting characters of pilots, RFTs, and Stormtroopers, and on top of that, we even simultaneously debuted two major props from the movie as well. Really? We rocked. Hardcore. Nerds represent!

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Here's a few shots of the cosplay I debuted at PAC - my first steampunk design! I was inspired a by sm_matrix's steampunk mechanical doll and this steampunk aviator fairy from Dragon*Con that I saw last month, so, working off my Lolita Launchpad McQuack costume, I put together a clockwork fairy. I've just decided to name the persona "Cottingley," after the town in England where two teen girls, Frances and Elsie, took 5 photographs in the early 1900s that seemed to prove the existence of fairies. They insisted the photographs were not fakes, and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, experts, and others agreed. The two cousins admitted, much later in life, that 4 of the photos were not as authentic as they had originally appeared, but were card cut-outs mounted on hat pins; however, they maintained that the 5th photograph, and the fairies themselves, were real.

Two snapshots of CottingleyCollapse )

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For probably, oh, the past 6 months or so I've been meaning to do a friends-cut - my first in 8 years of having an LJ. It's nothing personal, I'm just starting to collect a lot of journals that I'm afraid I just don't keep up with, unfortunately. My friends-list is getting so large I can't keep up. I'm sure you all understand. I apologize, please don't be hurt, etc. etc.

Honestly, I anticipate most people won't even notice, actually. A few of them haven't posted in months.
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Here's my frikkin' final schedule for Dragon*Con.

Thursday Night: Navigator Lambert with Bob's First Officer Kane and Jim's Captain Dallas

Friday Morning: Shaak Ti with Jim's Obiwan Kenobi
Friday Afternoon: Gusty (My Little Pony) Meetup @ Hyatt Lobby @ 5:30/6:00 PM
Friday Night: Navigator Lambert "Alien" Nostromo Crew with Jim and Bob.

Saturday Morning: Meganium for Dragon*Con Parade/Pokemon Meetup.
Saturday Afternoon: Sabriel
Saturday Night: Sabriel, dancewear, R. Dorothy Wayneright, or whatever.

Sunday Morning: Ridiculous last-minute dorktastic cosplay with Mandy (Which I can now reveal: Darkwing Duck!)
Sunday Afternoon: Death (with Jim's Dream?)
Sunday Night: Death with Jim's Dream and Bob's Destiny PHOTOSHOOT @ 8:00 PM

Monday Morning: Normal Clothes.

I may possibly bring Dorothy and wear her on Sunday afternoon if Jim wants to bring Roger Smith to limit the amount of time he has to spend in the contacts. That depends on how much space I have when I pack.

All I have left to do tomorrow: finish the paint job and spray fixative on my Sabriel sword (which is a rushed job, and doesn't look very good, unfortunately) and put a waistband on the skirt for the Sunday Morning Silliness.

I need to catch up on my sleep to prep for 4 days of costume changes and partying. Hooooleee craaaaap, I canNOT believe it is almost time for Dragon*Con!!!!

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Fox, you're a bunch of bastards.

"Surprisingly, Fox said it would rather see the film killed instead of collecting a percentage of the box office."

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At last, at last, I'm ready to post my con photos! These will probably go in a couple of posts.

First off! Con Report and General Con Pix!Collapse )
And this tape graffiti, which someone industiously managed to put on the sloped roof, pretty much sums up Otakon:

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Jolie was recently tipped to be starring in "The Thomas Crown Affair 2" alongside Pierce Brosnan and has reportedly been ordered by studio bosses to put on weight for the role.

Oh, Hollywood, my hate for you knows no bounds.

This, at the end of an article declaring Angelina Jolie to be the next Catwoman. GAG AND RAGE.

It is not clear whether she would play the role in the current Batman film series, starring Christian Bale as the caped crusader, or in a spin-off film as Halle Berry did in 2004's "Catwoman."

Please, Christopher Nolan, say it ain't so. Or at least tell me you can mold Jolie into a version of Catwoman that doesn't totally suck.

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If you are, like me, a bit of a movie buff and a Google Earth nerd, this is something right up your alley!

The Cinematic Geography of Los Angeles

And the behind the scenes CNN Interview on how he put it together:

NOTE: yes, I KNOW the embedded videos aren't embedding properly. Either LJ or YouTube is being a whore. Pick one. Then bitchslap it. Because really, has NOT hitting the bitch worked? I didn't think so.

NOTE #2: Evidently, someone did hit the bitch, which I believe to be YouTube, because the videos are slowly loading in, and are playing, although they take forever to connect - and it's that way at the site itself, too. We're making progress! Hit the bitch harder!

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I finished stenciling the fabric a week ago, but let it sit and harden before rinsing the fabric, drying it, and sewing anything out of it. The final tally of individual silver keys stenciled on the fabric was 580. The front and the back of the garment, when I was printing the fabric, has 10 rows of 10 keys alternating with 10 rows of 9 keys, or, rather, 20 total sets of 19 keys - every single one stenciled individually, GAH.

I designed it so that there are only 2 seams in the whole surcoat: the sleeve under each arm and extending down the sides to just above the knee.

The results, as shown in 2 bad snapshotsCollapse )

I'm gonna go for a bike ride or go do something otherwise active and then I'll come home and rig up the bell pouches. And get more done on Obiwan!

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